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Great tutorial on making your own soy candles!

Dragon Alley Journals

Soy Candle Making 

This craft is an easy and inexpensive way to make wonderful gifts.  All you need is:

2 lbs Soy Flakes

2- Four cup glass measuring cups (microwave safe)

Scented essential oils

Wax Candle Color

8 Four ounce jelly jars or 10-12 votive jars

HOT PADS!!!!  Do not touch the measuring cup when taking it out of the microwave with your bare hands.  HOT, HOT!!


Empty half of the 2 lb bag of soy flakes into each of the glass measuring cups.  Microwave one at a time on high for about 3 minutes.  Add your wax color and microwave one more minute.  If not melted, add 30 seconds at a time.  Mixture must be clear.  Place the measuring cup on a hot pad to protect your counter top.  Remember the hot pads for your hands.


After you have melted all your wax, let the containers sit for about…

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Miss Perception

Miss Perception.

You have to read this and repost. After you do read it you will understand why it has to be reposted – around the world.

Living in a desert with only two seasons – Summer and Fall-winter-spring – makes one appreciate any changes in the weather.  We’ve had record high temperatures this past week – already hit 103* – but last night and today we get to listen to the rain and the thunder. I think the birds even sound happier when it rains.  My bean’s 3 new leaves are fully opened.

The sunflowers are doing nicely, don’t you think?

Did I mention that we planted all the seeds from a spaghetti squash we bought at our local farmers’ market? All of them?  And, they are all growing? And, now they have flower buds.  I think we might get some spaghetti squash to share with friends and family.  We saved the seeds from a cantaloupe a couple of years ago, and planted them. too.  Isn’t it amazing how life can spring from something that appears to have no life? All it takes is dirt, water, and time – and faith.

The tomato, pepper, cucumber, and watermelon have all survived their transplant shock and seemed to be reaching for the rain.

The clouds are beginning to break up now, guess the rain is done. But the birds are happy and the air smells so clean.

Life is good.

The first picture in my last post was taken this morning. The second one shows the leaf measurement taken yesterday. I compared measurements and it looks like my bean leaf has grown 1/2 an inch in four days.  That is amazing to me.  My bean also has a new set of 3(?) leaves opening up today. They are on the side of the plant that got bit. Maybe that pesky wabbit did my bean a favor. 

The sunflowers are getting their first true leaves now.  Hollie hasn’t seen them yet, she’ll probably be coming over this weekend.  Can’t wait to show her the progress. She told me she doesn’t like the seeds, I’m thinking that’s because she hasn’t had the opportunity to try them yet.  She likes peanuts, so maybe…….

We went to a neighborhood picnic on Saturday being held in my daughter’s subdivision, sponsored by the HOA.  Someone had brought sample bags of peanuts and I got to show Hollie the little man that lives inside the peanut. Now she eats that half of the peanut first.  Such fun!!!

I’m chalking it up to excitement – my bean isn’t 3 1/2 inches high, it’s only 2 1/2 inches.  But that’s still an inch in two days, so I am happy.   We’ve installed bird netting all around the sunflowers, carrots, cantalopes, and whatever else Ron has planted out there – I bought a Roma tomato plant, burpless (really?) cucumber, and a jalepeno pepper plant on Friday night and they are all planted and seem to have settled in. I consider the bird netting a necessary evil to keep out the pesky wabbit.  We are outside monitoring progress often enough that we will be able to rescue any birds that may get tangled in the stuff.

The carrots are from 14 year old seeds and now that the birds can’t get to them, we may get some to harvest.  Did you know birds like those tiny little green shoots? Especially quail. Our yard is a well-established quail path. They wander through like they are on a time schedule – must have tiny little watches tucked under their feathers.  They go through between 7 and 8 in the morning and again between 4 and 5 at night. It is so fun to watch them travelling with their babies. Does anyone know if quail mate for life? We’ve had accidents where one quail doesn’t quite make it across the road and the other will stay with it for many hours before it finally goes on it’s way.  So sad.

We should also be seeing our annual flock of Mexican parrots soon. We had one show up years ago and every year the number increases.  Last year I tried to count them all – lost track at 37. I call them the happy birds because they have such a happy little chirp – almost sounds like they are giggling when they all get together.

My bean is growing. I went outside to take a picture, and thought I was successful.  But, when I got back inside, I discovered I had taken a video instead.  It did measure about 3 1/2 inches high , that’s an inch and a half in two days. Pretty good, I think. Too hot to go back outside and try again.

Guess I should explain some things.  I live in Arizona, in the Phoenix area. Temperature right now (it’s 6:30 pm) is 102 degrees. I spend as little time as possible outside once the temps go over 100. Heat and I don’t do well together. Early morning is still cool, so I should have a picture tomorrow.

The sunflowers have all popped.  There are 15 growing. Something ate the leaves off of one, I’m thinking it was some kind of 6-legged critter, not that pesky wabbit!  And, he’s left my bean alone so maybe that one bite was enough to make him think twice.

New discovery – I have to measure the size of my one leaf.  Since my bean lost one of it’s leaves, will the other one grow faster, bigger?  Like when you pinch out the center of a coleus and it branches out? My one leaf looks bigger than it was this morning, but I didn’t measure it. Darn!

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